Bluewave - Hospital-Grade UVC Disinfection Technology

Eliminate coronavirus and other pathogens from surfaces in minutes.

Destroys Coronavirus in Minutes
Simple & Intuitive Design
Independently Validated
Proudly Made in Australia

Proven Technology

  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the 254nm spectrum at the correct dose is a proven method of eliminating the presence of a wide range of pathogens (such as coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA) from environmental surfaces
  • Proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi when used in a controlled process
  • Single cycle whole room disinfection
  • End to end process has been Independently tested and validated
  • Rapid delivery of accurately controlled powerful UVC dose effectively treats surfaces within minutes
  • Constant exposure from floor to ceiling in a 360-degree radius with limited shadowing
  • Intuitive remote user interface with touch screen      

Cost effective

  • Bluewave is the lowest cost medical-grade UVC disinfection robot of its type on the market in Australia
  • Fitted with long-lasting, high efficiency discharge lamps, ongoing costs are kept to a minimum No special power requirements, meets electrical requirements for medical treatment areas
  • Does not damage metal or other surfaces and there is no venting time required at the end of the cycle as there are no residuals
  • Models sold in Australia are not subject to large freight costs or import tariffs 

Safety & Ergonomics

  • Emits no ozone and is completely eco-friendly
  • Teflon sheathed discharge lamps to prevent splintering
  • Remotely operated from outside the room via tablet
  • Coloured indicator on unit, indicating cycle initiation, interruption or completion
  • Includes a bollard which is placed at the entrance to deny access to the treatment location during the disinfection cycle, which also serves as an ergonomic dolly to safely manoeuvre Bluewave through the hospital      
  • Bluewave’s motion sensors instantly disrupt the cycle when human presence is detected, ensuring staff, patient and visitor safety
  • Auto-initialised transportation mode to prevent WHS related injuries

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